Saturday, July 4, 2009

sleep tight no matter your age

hah, a great article. tapi aku dah pendek kan la.

just as sleep is crucial to the health of adults, new researchs suggests that lack of sleep may affect teen's health too. ohio researchers found that otherwise healthy teens who slept less than 6.5 hours a night were 2.5 more likely than those who slept longer to have elevated blood pressure. the study also revealed that the systolic blood pressure of teens with "low sleep effiency" -a measure if sleep quality defined as ' having trouble falling or staying asleep" - was, on average, four points higher than that of teens who slept well. although further study is needed, researchers caution that untreated hypertension can increase the risk of stroke and other cardiovascular disease later in life.

Reader's Digest, March 09.

munee.nmz.0315.sleep tight no matter your age.
woah,time aku baca artikel ni tiba2 kesedaran untuk tidur awal muncul. so tulislah artikel ni tiba2 je. sudah tentu kerisauan pun ada. tapi macam biasalah, masa baca je berperasaan begitu, kemudian perasaan tuh hilang entah ke mana. adeh


MuhIy mEnuLis said...

haa tau pon
lack of sleep may affect teen's health
lps ni tdo la baek2 n ckup..hhehe
tp awk tuh mcm bkn teen lg jer??hehe
da tua kan...

nmz_7890 said...

ala,it just an article
kesedaran tiba2 muncul n hilang terus lepas tu
hmm,tua kah?hahaha