Monday, July 27, 2009

395+railway bus station=yeahh,i'm lost.

adehh. after i got the wrong bus, i think i really need a map of the city or google maps or a gps on my hp perhaps? haha. i'm not quite good at remembering road,street,building ect ect. i know its been a long time i'm living here, just like 6 months already. i cant believe it either. yeah what do you expect then when you think that you only have 10 minutes to class and you are still wondering where you are..

adeh, moon moon. 395+railway station bus stop=yeahh,i'm lost.

ohh, its actually for the 5 minutes walking on the same road without you realizing it. then lucky me i bring my note book(i'm actually writing 'panduan menaiki bas ke bandar'). could you believe it? haha. then walking alone with 'the killers - all these things that i've done' really lift me up. kasi semangat sikit,hahah. then yeahhh. i remembered that street. pitt street and then liverpool street and then just go straight until you find then end of the road. no la, it just like down the hill of something, i dont know how to explain more. haha. yeah, alhamdulillah. finally, back on track. haha. arrived safely at 1310. ok lah tuh kan. hahahaha

jadi sila ambil pengajaran.jalan leka bila berjalan.
mahu senang lagi ingat nama jalan atau 'indicator' nya. haha.

sempat snap gambar masa traffic light merah. haha

nmz.munee.0116.395+railway station=yeahh,i'm lost.
balik tetap dengan 392. btw, johnny depp tak naik bas aku lagii..cisss

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