Saturday, November 21, 2009


.for somehow i really wished that i could turn back time for all the memories and everything that happened in my life before. can you erased some parts that really haunted you or now you realized actually everyday you remember every detail memory of your life before?
.and for all those words that have been said before and i mean like when you realized it didn't mean anything to the person you talked to plus you dont know what exactly in their minds . i know i should arrange my properly so later i'll not have the kind of feeling that i didnt deserved to be in a conversation that in the end you'll feel bad and sorry for yourself..
.yeah, what's the point when you know slowly there shall be no more names and memories. slowly you'll be forgotten. haha
.be thankful for everything that you have now. please do your best for everthing in your life..
.i know i should stop on doing this and just move on for the next day and be prepared for any possibility and chance you might get eventhough it just a slightest one.

yes yes....past is past, now move the way forward.


EMIRism said...

statement "slowly you'll be forgotten" amat memedihkan ;(

nmz said...

aaa, tidak tidakk. bukan begitu
please dont get it wrong. xbrmaksud apa apa. hanyalah tulisan semata..
insyaallah nanti jumpa ramai ramai lagi nanti:)