Friday, May 22, 2009

an intro

yeap. an intro, which i quoted from one of my favourite books. Its a good book. u know that i really really love reading right. so, here it is

I am in all truthfulness attempting to be cheerful about this whole topic, though most people find themselves hindered in believing me, no matter my protestations. please, trust me. i most definitely can be cheerful. I can be amiable. Agreeable. Affable. And that's only the A's. just dont ask me to be nice. Nice has got nothing to do with me.

-the book thief by markus zusak-

menarik kan intro ni. haha. baru page 3 dah kasi aku tertarik. kalau dah baca sekali boleh faham dah camne story line nye. bestt. aku dah ulang banyak kali dahh buku ini. heh. this book was bought on 26th april 2008 in mph jj s2. intro.yeah,lovee the intro.


Mia The Baker said...

Hye there, thank you for dropping by my blog and framed it in yours. really appreciate it babe! nice blog u have, wide experience even tho u same baya dgn adik i; aina. btw, canot folow ur blog eyh? okie ape pun, i wish u the very best in life. take care. Asslamualaikum.

nmz_7890 said...

yeahh,hye..:) ur welcome n thanks for dropping by my blog too..tak sangka jugak..hehe. biasa je la,nothing to compare with other blog.. btw,i really admired you passion towards baking. hope one day dpt rasa jgk nanti.:) n actually i'm her friends.hehe. cannot follow?sounds weird but i think boleh la.hmm, thanks for dropping by again. thanks. salam. :)