Sunday, May 17, 2009

hows your life?

monday, 18 may 2009

well, as my plan, i will update my blog referring to my title above. hows life? heh,entah lah. i dont know how should i explain how do i feel right now. there's too much to say, there's too much to write. it just that i really missed my good old days. the place that i actually learned about everything in life,the place where i really stand by myself. banyak kenangann. heh and ofcourse my home sweet home too, 461 is under renovation now. all cousins and family too, really missed them and all of us still keep in touch. rakan rakan aku tak lupa semua dan kenangan yang kita pernah kongsi bersama. and of course mygangster,mysyg, i know u'll always be by myside no matter how far we are now, i really missed u damn muchh. psst,not to forget the food.hahahaha.makann je tau

please everyone, let gone be gone. yeah, i'n not a perfect person either but surely everyone seems really like this quote: dont judge book by its cover. faham je lah kan. hmm, i know that sooner or later, people will forget eveything about u no matter what happen. yang penting, benda yang sudah lepas tu biarkan la,tak perlu di ungkit lagi. i know its my fault. biarlah jangan diungkit lagi. aku tau aku camne la. sukati la nak fikir ape. yang penting sekarang, beri peluang pada saya dan saya akan buktikanya.

munee.nmz.0225.hows your life?.just live you life happy.

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