Friday, July 2, 2010

update update

yeah hello there. how are you guys? hmm, let start with

1. i still cant get over with UGLY BETTY IS FINISHING THEIR SEASON SO EARLY! they are having only 4 season. it because of poor rating in US i guessed. sigh, such a good, inspiring drama to ended their season so early.

i’ll miss you betty suarez!

2. n GREY’S ANATOMY. what a surprise. such a shock to see their final episode of season 6 with a heart gripping moment. well, all story must come to an end right.luckily all the stars was still in the drama though. see you next season dr. shepherd, dr. grey, dr hunt, dr. yang, dr. sloan, dr. avery, dr. karev, dr. robbins, dr. torres, dr. bailey, dr. altman and not to forget dr.webber too.

3. CHARGER LAPTOP BREAKDOWN. yes, what a great news to have when you are on your holiday right? hmm, now i’m online using my daddy’s laptop. kinda guilty actually but already asked permission bout that. whatever it is, please come back to life, i miss youuu. such a stupid thinking u have that u think u are miserable if you are not online using your laptop.

4. HOLIDAY of 3weeks just started n its bloody cold here. compare to last winter, this one much more colder than i thought. n it gives some kind of feeling that i dont know how to describe. make u feel bad sometime. hmm

5. n yeahhh ayah got a plan for us on the holiday. haha. SNOWY MOUNTAIN yaww. hahahahaha. well i hope its for real. so, it would be nice to play with the snow for the first time.hahahahhaha

6.M&M crispy n CADBURY. i just cant resist uguys. love you.

7. oh well hello there JULY. how are you?

8.ah apasal tiba2 semua dalam english. mengada kau. gtg, ok bye

munee.nmz.2710.2029.update update

maka cuti 3 minggu bermula.

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