Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Let me tell you what disaster is :
in any place, any time in the world,
then you realize who you are in the time thinking what will happen next,
the one when you sit n stare in a good windy sunny day let world pass by without noticing you are n why you are there,
make you dream like you never dream before,
the changes that you do when you know you have to,
when you laugh n cry but no on there,
knowing things can't be the same after a disaster came,
make you smile remembering the good things and pain,
change you n your surroundings in a split second that you can't expected as you do,
make you mad as hell.
make you drown in your own flood until your last breath.

Yes, i'm a disaster. What else should i be?


Schubert Serenade said...

OK...memang disaster!!or lbih tepat BENCANA!! kalo berkata2, terkesan derrr:))

aishah_conteng_je said...

damage control sekarang~ kecemasan!


nmz said...

una : thanks! haha sama je kita kalau bab cakap2 ni. hehe

kak aishah : kecemasan! hehe :)