Friday, July 25, 2014

Menonton always a traveller.

- Being tested, is a blessing. It's the nature of your response.
- Allah is helping us, purifying us in every way.
- Marriage is what turning dunya into jannah.
- What is the primary need?
Woman - unconditional love. Man - unconditional respect.
- A constant life long focus what is actually you want.
- Remember Allah in everything you do.
- What's dunya for you? - What is your ultimate goal and purpose?
The answer is within you.

By Yasmin Mogahed in #alwaysatraveller  by Mizz Nina. I always adore her journey throughout this time. It's a constant life learning process and she really did it well.
I just had my chance to watch this series since it was recorded by my family at home.
There is a lot to share but here some of it.

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