Tuesday, October 12, 2010


kelas dah 2hari start. n yes hello my final sem. how are you? :D so, i'm planning for something good before fly back home next year. tapi no $$ no talk jugak. haha spring break dulu yang selama 3minggu, agakla lama tapi yes, i'm really enjoyed it. ada spent time di melbourne waktu nak mfest tapi tak sempat pergi.

whatever it is, spring break. its a good one.

hello again its you and me


Fitrix said...

Hello there.Glad to know you study in Australia too.

Can I add you on Facebook?There are a lot of things to talk about and I think its more approriate for such talk to happen on Facebook.

I never been to Sydney.Too damn far!!!!You must have been to Melbourne.Well next time youre here maybe we can hang out 2gether!

nmz said...

Hello there! Glad to know you tooo. thanks for dropping by
a bit segan actually dgn my blog. ahhaha

oh yes sure, but one thing,i'm kinda private my fb la..what about you give me yours?if thats good with you?

you should come Sydney! i know Melb is way too fun aite. i've been travelling by car to Melb 3x already. its a good journey anyhow.

yes, we should meet one day n hang out one day!

Fitrix said...
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