Sunday, March 30, 2008

lama xbuat blog i go...

hype.assalamualaikum..good day ppl.rainy or sunny.haha.yeap,lame xsinggah sini..erm,well..the life must go on kan..apepun,muni.lets start..

THE KITE RUNNER BY KHALED HOSSEINI.a beautiful requires all things in life that we all had.zendagi migzara:life must go repeats in the novel.dont knowhow to say bout it.just read the novel and you`ll understand..amir transformations.his life.everything.huhu.the best novel ever.

what just thinking bout my driving license..apa nk jd nih..aku takut nk approach bro tuh la.huhu..yer la,ko phm2 jek la aku ni cmne kan.xtau knape..mayb aku ni mmg xlyk bwk keta kott..huaa..xde la moon.dont be silly ok..huhu...entah la aku pun tak tau mau ckp cmne sbnarnya kan..apa nak jadi,jadi la.

i hate this feeling....its killing me....huhuu.

to be continue on another post...xde mood la plak..adeyy..bye.


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